An Actual Bill to End the Federal Marijuana Prohibition

Co-sponsored by Barney Frank and Ron Paul! To be introduced tomorrow!! I am actually very excited about this!!! Even though those stupid fucks (aka Congress) will never pass it!!!! Exclamation points!!!!!

Seriously. Pass that fucking bill. Tax marijuana! Use the profits for much needed social programs. DO IT. 


If nothing else, this will get some real ‘meaningful dialogue’ going. 

Maybe. But I think it anyone other than Paul/Frank introduced it, it’d have a better chance.


As long as I don’t feel forced to smoke, I’m good. There is no good reason to keep marijuana illegal.

I don’t think anyone would force you to smoke, the same way no one would force you to drink.

Oh christ, why the fuck would anybody force you to smoke? Think before you type.

Anyway, there’s no way in hell it will pass, but hey, I approve. Although it would be nice if Ron Paul wasn’t involved, because I hate him.

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